CH. Grimm Elmar Slovakia UD NA NAJ


Aijatar came into my life when I was not looking for a puppy, but he is the puppy of my dreams.  His pedigree combines some of the best  European Tervuren show lines with the best European working Malinois lines.  When I went over to Europe to look at the litter, there was no question which puppy I would be taking home with me.  He was a stand out in every way.  Since he came home he has lived up to his promise and then some!

He has tremendous bone, an intense red coat, with a lovely head and very nice angles.  More importantly, he lives to work.  He loves to do anything and does everything with intensity and joy.  My hardest job is coming up with new things for him to master as fast as he wants them.  Training him is a delight!  He is a happy boy, his tail is always wagging.  He loves me, toys, food and people in that       order.

                                                                                                         I'm looking forward to spending my life with this little package of energy!


Health Clearances

  • Hips - BT-5857G24M-VPI
  • Elbows - BT-EL3074M24-VPI
  • Thyroid - BT-TH745/34M-VPI
  • CERF - BT-EYE192/27M-VPI



Ajitar is from the 

Deabei-Elmar Slovaki  Litter




Prot Deabei

Corsini Valentino Ch.RE. Gourou des Crepuscue des Loups Ch. RE.Áres du Bois du To
Esy du Creouscue des Loups
Ch. Corsini Milenium Ch.Magnum de la Clariere aux Louves
Ch Corsini Distinction
s.r.ICh. Delphine Erlander s.r.Ch.Djaegar van de Lamar Ch.Kwando van de Hoge Laer
Jolie Canelle du Domaine Ponti
Ch.Xeres Grimmendans pe.Falco van de Lamar

Thoet van de Hoge Laer

Karla z Polytanu Crog v. Further Moor Stoned van de Duvetorre Elgos du Chemin des Pleines
Aika der Sonne entgegen Klemm v. Roten Falken
Apachi v. Feuerstum
R. CAC Yndy z Polytanu Cartouce Bomazde Ogar v.d. Haantjeschoek
Agga Lufty SK
Clea Leitman Pandore des Deux Pottois
Grodies Lufty SK